Wrestling Jackets Defend the Hive


Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

GREER– The Greer High School gymnasium was filled with tension, spectators, and Greer Highs´ strongest athletes. On the mat, the Wrestling Jackets had to perform precision moves to pin their opponent or earn points until the clock ran out.

The Wrestling Jackets hosted their Second Regional match against Berea High School. The schools in attendance were Walhalla, Southside, and Berea. The Wrestling Jackets beat all three schools that competed and improved their record to nine wins and ten loses. They are now 2-1 in the Region.

The final scores were:

Greer 53 – Berea 15,

Greer 48 – Walhalla 30

Greer 64 – Southside 12

Congratulations to Andrew McCullough, Micah Henkin, Spencer Lilyea, Avery Porter, Alex Gomez, and Ellison Flores for winning all three of their individual matches.

Senior and Captain Avery Porter was quoted as saying ¨During a match I feel free and at peace. Of course I’m tired and my mind is racing but I have a huge love for this sport. When I step on the mat I just feel myself and I forget about anything bad going on… Before and during a match I try not to think a lot so I don’t mentally make a mistake or psych myself out. I just think about how I want the match to go I play it through my head and go out there and hope it goes to plan. If not then I adapt and keep going.¨

The Wrestling Jackets next match will be January the fifteenth.  It will be held at Landrum High school. Greer, Whitmire, and Landrum will all be competing. Greer High school will be hosting its rival match against Blue Ridge January 23rd.