Why you Should be Thankful for Life


Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

This week’s reason to be thankful for life is for the challenges that can help you overcome obstacles.  Although we don’t like the inconveniences at the time, they help shape us into better people. We can learn to overcome and overpower. After you have tackled the challenge, you will be able to know how to cope with it the next time something related to the incident has happened. We can grow as people and get stronger.

These problems help us in the future, even if you don’t see it now. This should make you thankful, because if you look back at yourself a few months ago compared to now, you will be able to see how you have changed. Life can’t always work out the way that we want it to, and if we learn to accept it, then we can be appreciative people.

Just remember that not everything in your life is going wrong. Learn how to manage it and get over it. As soon as you figure out how to do that, you will become an overall happier person. We all deserve to be happy, so make sure to be thankful for what is  going right in your life, because it’s not always going to work out that way!