Emily Walker: Star Student


Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

GREER– The Greer High School Girls Basketball team won against Byrnes. The final score was Greer 56 to Byrnes 42. This win was a product of support from head Coach Amaziah Drummond, Coach Virginia Gause and student leader Emily Walker.

Emily Walker is a sophomore at Greer High with a persistent passion for basketball. She started playing in elementary school and from then her love for the sport grew. Freshman year she played on the varsity girls team. When asked about her experience she said “It felt amazing playing the sport I love and representing my school at the same time.”

This season she was aiming to prove herself and earn more play time. Against her best wishes she torn her ACL (which is a ligament in the knee) and meniscus and is unable to play. Meniscus is a common injury among athletes when forceful twisting causes specific tissue in the knee to tear.

When asked about Emily Greer High school senior Blake Walker said, “I felt bad for her when she got hurt because I know she was working really hard at her game to improve, and I know how that injury is with the recovery and how long it takes. I’m very proud of her. She works hard not only to get her knee back to where it needs to be but to do very well in school as well. Shes a great person and a wonderful sister.”

Even if she isn’t on the court she still comes to every practice and game to cheer on the Jackets. During her interview she added “I’m going to physical therapy twice a week and I do a lot of running… My love of the game keeps me motivated to keep playing… It’s a great experience to practice hard with your teammates together and win as a family. I’m really excited to get back to playing.”

The team has not lost a game yet. Their next game will be an away game at Union High School on December 10th. The game starts at 6:00 PM. Come support the Lady Jackets.