Greer High Visits USC Upstate


Emily Robertson , Staff Writer

Greer High students went to USC Upstate to experience  college first hand. They walked around to the dorms, gyms, learning centers, lunch room, etc. Students got to try college food and ask many questions about the University. While eating lunch, many of Greer’s staff saw former students that used to go to Greer.

When asked why did you choose USC Upstate Ms. Jackson said,”Many people that used to go to Greer go their and the location is close so it wouldn’t take us long to get there. That was important for us because we wanted to make sure the students had enough time.”

10th and 11th graders were allowed to go. It’s nice to get underclassman on these trips so that they can go ahead and get an idea on what they want to do when they get out of high school. Many of the upper class man are looking forward to going to college.

When asked what information did you get out of this trip Tanner Reynolds explained,” I would like to attend USC upstate for the reason that I would like to be a lawyer and at USC I would be able to attend pre-law and law school. They have a nice business program that will set me up for future success. “