Make Up My Day: Red Lipstick


Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

Red lipstick is a classic tool that has been used for centuries. No matter who you are or time of the year red lipstick elavates any look.

Red symbolizes power and inflicts hunger. Whether you are channeling your inner Queen Elizabeth the first or trying to catch someones eye this Christmas season, a nice red lipstick grabs everyones attention.

“That’s the thing about red lipstick – it’s a beautiful case of chicken and egg. It may require confidence to wear, but confidence can actually be a result of putting on red lipstick – and no one needs to know which comes first.” said

To wear:

-Make sure you are aware of your skintone to find a complementary red.

-Apply chapstick before hand lipstick will dry out your lips.

-Line your lips before hand.  Lipliner can be bought at any drug store and it helps the lipstick stay in place.

Whether you have been naughty or nice hopefully a red lipstick will be in your stocking.