Austin Green: Living the Dream


Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

GREER– The last name “Green” has been frequent at Greer High School for years. Now football player Austin Green looks back from his senior year.

He was quoted as saying “Well I was kinda born into the football atmosphere.” His father had been a football coach for his whole life. In 2005 his father Brian Green got a job working at Greer High School. After that Austin was continuously brought around the Greer high football team so much that from kindergarten to second grade he was a Greer High water boy.

‘All I ever dreamed of as a kid was playing for Greer. I didn’t get to play until third grade and I absolutely loved it and I really just never stopped playing.”

When asked about the Upper State game Austin said “I honestly didn’t know how to feel, I had so many emotions going through me at one time because everything I had worked toward if finally coming true after fifteen years of Greer High not going to state.”

Training for this season started last January and it did not stop or slow down. When asked about the preparation he said “We have just been taking it week-by-week learning about our opponent and how to beat them, as well as still doing the basic fundamentals and studying films.”

“Personally I’ve busted my tail to get where I’m at because I started my freshman year playing O-line and then to linebacker and last year I was starting punter and this year I’m starting tight-end. Throughout the lifting and conditioning process I’ve gotten much faster, more agile and of course stronger and that all ties into my job as i block as well as go out for passes and handle the ball.”

Although he doesn’t plan to play football in college Austin is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with high hopes of continuing to PA School.