Clemson Wins Game and Food Drive


Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

The Carolina vs Clemson food drive was a big success. Twelve different families in need were chosen and blessed with a Thanksgiving meal.

Leo Club and Service Learning, better known as  the Service Jackets, are in the process of creating a ¨Jacket Food Pantry¨ at Greer High school to help students and their families who may be in need.

Ms.Turkenburg won first place. Mrs.Yount came in second and Col. Webb placed third. Which ensured a Clemson victory.

When asked about the food drive Leo club adviser Mrs. Tabitha Pruitt said ¨The Service Jackets hosted a Clemson/Carolina food drive to not only see which team would be predicted to win the big game but to get items for our food pantry.  We ended up collecting around 700 items with Turkenburg, Yount, and Webb coming in as the top three winning classes. These classes advisory period will be rewarded with an ice cream party.¨