September All-Star Staff Awards Have Been Announced


Greer Hive Times Staff, Staff Writers

GREER–Two members of the staff were recognized for their contribution to Greer High: history teacher Chase Blackwell and custodian Rienette (Riri) Davis.

Ms. Cox commented on the fact that Ms. Davis, “is great and sweet and has a positive attitude. She brings a joyful vibe.” Ms. Davis decorates the doors in certain halls and the teachers lounge. When asked what is your favorite memory with Ms. Davis, Ms. Allred mentioned, “She said that my kids kept the room so clean that she brought them candy. She has done that twice this year.”

When Ms. Davis is not working, she practices and plays in the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Mr. Blackwell also won the Faculty Member of the Month award. “It makes me feel great,” said Blackwell. He is glad that people recognize the hard work student government has done. Blackwell feels that “leadership, absolutely” is a trait that contributed to him winning. Also, he feels that being a team player played a role in his success.

Mr. Blackwell is in charge of the leadership class at Greer High School. He feels that it is going great. In this class, students learn how to be more of a leader and carry those traits into more than just student government.

While spirit week was new for Blackwell, he feels that his aspirations were met. “We met our expectations and that we exceeded those.”

All-Star Staff Awards at Greer High are a way for faculty and staff to be recognized for their leadership and involvement each month.