Freshmen Students Learn to Use Library Resources


Jonathan D. Duty

Freshmen students use their "QR" readers from their electronic devices to find information during a Media Center scavenger hunt Thursday. Students learned information about the library's resources during the lesson.

Jonathan D. Duty, Adviser

GREER — Technology and education. Two words that currently go together in every conversation about education in today’s society. With this in mind, freshmen students at Greer High School are spending time in school’s Media Center to learn the resources that are available for them.

Greer High School Media Specialists LeAnn Kiser and Harriet Kicker spent an entire class block to discuss and introduce freshmen to the advantages and opportunities found in the school’s Media Center.

Kiser said she enjoyed teaching the lesson because it was a wonderful way to get students involved in what the Media Center has to offer. “(this is a good activity), so the students can become independent library users and feel comfortable coming to the library. We want them to feel welcome,” Kiser said.

After a quick 20 minute discussion, students are given a scavenger hunt in which they are required to use a “QR” reader from their electronic devices.