Video Games: a Way to Escape From Reality


Emily Robertson , Staff Writer

When it comes to teenage boys, 84% of them play video games. Some of the most popular video games are Fortnite, GTA V, Black Ops IIII, WW IIfor, etc. Most of the games that are out nowadays are fierce and could be too much for younger children. Since I am a girl who plays video games, it sometimes surprises those who find out the games that I play. Being a girl who plays online with these guys gives me an opportunity to become closer with my classmates and possibly give me an understanding on why they like video games so much.

When asked what interests you the most about video games and what is your favorite game, Landon Chapman explained, “I love video games because they relieve stress and take you out of the real world. As of right now my favorite game is Black Ops 4.”

Fortnite is an extremely popular, Battle Royal type of game with different game modes. GTA 5 has a lot of action and has an adventure styled gameplay that could be played in first or third person. Black Ops 4 was released not too long ago and it’s a first person, multiplayer shooting game. WW2 is also a first person shooting game. All of these games can be played on the newest systems like the PS4 and the Xbox 1.

There is an ongoing dispute on which gaming system is better. Lots of people say Xbox is better but on the other hand a lot of people prefer the Playstation. In my opinion I think that the PS4 is better because of the general layout and the controller. There has been many childish, heated arguments during class and outside of school about this topic. Xbox players agree with each other saying that their is better because those who play on the PS4 are “trash,” but that’s just their incorrect opinion. I disagree extremely since I personally have played on both systems.