G-force Tears Down the Wall

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G-force Tears Down the Wall

Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

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GREER— The ¨G-force¨ marching band says goodbye to the 2018-2019 marching season. Their show, ¨Walls of the Mind,¨ made its final competition debut on October 27th at Batesville Leesburg High School.

While setting up the field for a performance, which is a three minute window, the stadium lights cut off. Band Director Jeff Norman said he was “shocked.” Although the sun was setting. Norman did not put a pause on the program. He said, “I just felt we were already on the field and when I asked the judge how long it would take for the lights to come back on waiting was the wrong decision…My greatest fear was the longer the band had a chance to look at the crowd the more nerves would seep through.”

The field was dark, it was rainy, and the wind was blowing, but the band persisted. After the all of the adversities, the G-force placed tenth in the state.

While talking with Norman further he added, “What we learned this year is that fear creates barriers and you can fight though those barriers if you believe in yourself and if you believe in your process: how you train, how we go through the grind, whether it’s in the cold or in the heat. The way you prepare, and if you prepare correctly; if you prepare like each day is a performance, then things like Saturday don’t affect us because you are completely prepared for anything and it’s teamwork.”

“Even while our band had its ups and downs, we were all able to see the wonderful thing we can accomplish when we believe, persevere, and support one another,” said percussion captain Micaiah Corbitt.

When asked if he had anything to say to the graduating seniors, Norman said, “Thank you. Thank you for sharing your talent with me and your classmates. Thank you for your leadership and if there was ever a time that Greer Grit came into play you got to experience it first hand Saturday night when those lights when out. While we had every chance to fold we didn’t. That stems from your leadership.”

If you missed the G-Force during competition you may still see their show uplifting the crowd during halftime at football games.


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