National Honors Society Invites You

National Honors Society Invites You

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

GREER– Greer High’s National Honor Society (NHS) is a group of very intelligent students with incredible performance in academic. NHS is a way to acknowledge their dedication and success towards school. Along with a GPA of a 4.3 or higher, students in this group have goals of leadership, service, scholarship, and character.

In order for these students to be officially invited to join the NHS, they have to pay their dues, complete service projects, and maintain academic and behavioral excellence.

Nathan Flounders, Greer High Math teacher and adviser of Greer High’s NHS, has just released Senior Inductees and Junior Inductees. (If your name is listed, Flounders has sent an email with some extra information and a document for you to print out and sign.) The dues consist of $20.00 and these items can be brought to Flounders on November 8th at 8:05am on Friday, or November 9th at 8:05am for the first meeting for inductees. The induction service of the NHS will be held in the spring of 2019. There is a meeting on November 13th at 8:00am or at 3:45pm for the second year members. 

Senior Inductees: Ashley Barnett, Karina Beltran Plaza, Nathan Chambers, Michael Crawford, Marketia Dandy, Megan Dorn, Mariely Minaya Hernandez, Gillian Hulse, McKenzie Messer, Ethan Murphy, Jazmine Rainey, Shelby Wooten, and Cierra Yusko.

Junior Inductees: Helen Adams, Dwayne Aguiar, Jade Ahrens, Hannah Albritton, Joezel Alicea, Alycia Ashford, Lori Bakeman, Emily Barbare, Ivey Bennett, Vajay Brown, Abigail Cook, Micaiah Corbitt, Ethan Cornell, Pierre Etienne Courrier, Avery Craig, Brooks Davis, Gabrielle Edwards, Peyton Farrant, Erin Ford, Paola Garcia, Gisselle Garcia-Jose, Michelle Gonzalez, Morgan Gregory, Carson Hannon, Joshua Harris, Max Heckman, Adam Hipp, Tyler Jasper, Xavier Johnson, Andrew Key, Kendall Landford, Annie Liner, Meredith Liner, Genesis Lynn, Adam Marzec, Andrew McCullough, Kedrissa Mendoza, Skylar Moed, Alexander Moseley, Joseph Moseley, Takayoshi Nakagawa, Blanca Ortega Moreno, Josiah Ortiz, Daniel Parkkonen, Ella Grace Piergiovanni, Stevie Plemmons, Emily Porter, Charles Reynolds, Coen Roberts, Emily Robertson, Kyla Robertson, Diane Rocha, Celeste Ruiz Sarmiento, Jenna Scarboro, Basia Scott, Mallory Shennan, Jaqueline Sosa Pedraza, Michael Spearman, Claire Teague, Corbin Weninger.

Congratulations to all new NHS inductees!