So Susan Cosmetics


Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

Everyone is trying to master the art of using liquid lipstick. Join the movement! “So Susan Cosmetics” has a beautiful line of “Liquid Matte” lipsticks waiting for you.

There are six colors to choose from. The colors are named Chocolate Berry, Moon nude, Peach nude, Pumpkin, Raisin flesh and Caviar. The lipstick bottle itself has a nice sleek look.

The lipstick dries quickly on the lips but does not dry them out like most. The lip color will last all day but it is not kiss proof. The product is creamy and pretty thick. Made for someone who is comfortable with using liquid lipstick because of the high pigmentation but no similar product will come with a learning curve either.

This product is cruelty free as is all of their products. So Susan Cosmetics has a strong stance on animal testing. You can purchase online for fourteen dollars at the So Susan Cosmetics website. All ingredients are listed on the website.