Greer High 2018 Homecoming


Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Last Saturday, October 13th, Greer High held their annual Sadie Hawkins style homecoming dance. Food, drinks, and music were provided and many people had a fun time. Unfortunately, due to a traffic accident, the DJ was an hour late, but when he got there, everything was fun.

Yesterday, October 18th, Greer High preformed their homecoming parade. The parade was supposed to be last week but sadly hurricane Michel caused the parade to be rescheduled. The parade started at Memorial Methodist and ended at Bonds Career Center. Each grade levels’ floats was displayed as well as their class representative, senior football players, and cheerleaders. This year the seniors were pronounced winners of the float contest.

While this years homecoming was split into two separate weeks, it didn’t take away the memorable school experience. One of the most unforgettable moments was the crowning of the 2018 Homecoming Queen, Hannah Bowens. Each class also elected the following representatives: Senior- Deasia Scott, Junior- Aliyah Geesey, Sophomore- Ashlyn Norris, and Freshman- Lyndsey Cloninger. These girls were elected by their peers because of their commitment to Greer High School.