Stay dry with Eva NYC


Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

Nothing makes you realize what it absolutely necessary like waking up an hour late. Washing your hair would be at the bottom of that list. What do you do? The answer is dry shampoo.

All dry shampoos absorb extra oil in your hair and are life savers. They save a lot of time with no need to wash or blow dry. Just shake the bottle spray and massage it into your hair. Eva NYC dry shampoo is attempting to revolutionize the game by coming out with their “no white residue” formula.

The bottle is very light weight. The product shoots out very fast. Most dry shampoos sit on top of your hair but this product goes all the way to your scalp. It adds volume to your hair.  It smells very nice.

You can buy a bottle online for only twelve dollars or you can buy a smaller bottle for six. Eva NYC is devoted to hair and there are many other products on their website from hair care to thermal brushes. If you go to the Eva NYC website you can click the tab store locator and find where there products are sold near you.