Eighty Five South: A Clothing Boutique

Anna Allen, Staff Writer

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Eighty Five South is a clothing boutique in Reidville, South Carolina. They sell everything from clothes, to shoes, to jewelry.

The store is a lot different than many other boutiques because not only do they have cute clothes but they sell at really great prices. While it is a smaller store, they have a lot to offer and many different styles to satisfy their customers. Within their store, they have a room just for sales where you can find even more clothes at an even better price.

Also, Eighty Five South gets new apparel in every week, so it’s not always the same every time you visit the store.They are always stocked with trendy tops, pants, and shoes for the season.They recently started their website where customers can order online and have items shipped to their homes.

So, if you’re interested in cute clothes at a good price, this is the place to shop!


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