The Bake Off is Back

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

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There are so many different things to watch on Netflix: there are movies and TV series about crime, food, action, emotions. I will say one of my all time favorites is food and desserts. There is Chef’s Table, Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Sugar Rush, and more but I strongly recommend The Great British Baking Show. Season five was just released out in the US  on Netflix but they have a total of seven seasons. 

12 people go head to head competing in 3 challenges every session. There are 2 judges and they pick the best and worst every episode. The best is named “Star Baker” and the one who didn’t will be sent home. One of my favorite parts of the show is when they talk about the contestants’ life and when the judges give them crazy challenges.  It’s nice to watch this show because it gives you a hint of some of the desserts people make in other areas. The different flavors and the difficulty of the challenges is what makes the show so fun to watch. I love this show so much I have re-watched it about eight times.