Another Show in the Wall


Whitney Campbell, Staff writter

BOILING SPRINGS– This past Saturday the Greer High school marching band traveled to Boiling Springs High school to showcase and compete with their show “Walls of the Mind.” The show has “walls” that are moved during the show. “Walls of the Mind” portrays the mental barriers that we put up between one another that keep us isolated.

After giving a pleasant performance the G-Force earned third place in their division and fifth place over all. The color guard earned third place over all even after freshman Brylie Bently fell off of one of the six foot props. When asked how she felt afterwards she said, “Falling off the prop was scary but I knew I would be okay so I continued to perform.”

The percussion won first place in their division. Senior and percussionist Ellie Roberts was quoted as saying “While we went through a lot of frustrating days,  it felt amazing that everything we work for paid off in the end. As a senior I’m excited because I know the band can go far. It is amazing seeing people grow up and love marching band as much if not more than me.”

The G-force’s next performance will be at Byrnes High school. The price of admission is 10 dollars for adults and only 5 dollars for students. The entire show is set on the field and the members are ready to tear down these walls.