An Obvious Issue: Animal Cruelty

Olivia Moase, Staff Writer

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Animal cruelty is very wrong. I believe that we need to put a stop to it because animals are getting hurt and abused. Sometimes they get so abused to the point where it’s fatal. There is no reason or any excuse for anyone who treats an animal with that much disrespect. Animals can be abused in many ways such as being kicked or being placed and kept in horrific environments for long periods of times. Giving animals low amounts of food and water or maybe nothing at all, not taking them out to use the bathroom, not taking them out on occasion for their exercise is wrong as well.

Yet, some don’t even realize that they are doing anything wrong and they must be stopped. Many people adopt puppies and kittens or any animal in general, they tend to think that they will stay small and cute forever. When they grow up, they bring them back to the shelter because they aren’t small and cute like they wanted. Along with this, many animal owners crate their animals for extended hours of the day while they are at work. Especially if they own a big animal, they need space and a place to use the restroom. Those are just some examples of ways people abuse animals and you wouldn’t normally consider it to be cruel, but it is. Others are abusing animals just to have fun, knowing exactly what they are doing wrong. Everyone should work together to help stop animal cruelty. For example, if you see someone that is hurting or abusing an animal, you should get help right away. Also, you should never try to help the animal by yourself, though, because you never know how the animal will react. Little things can be lots of help and make this world a better place.

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