Mazzatelli: Not Your Average Deli


Olivia Moase, Staff Writer

While only being opened for three months, the Mazzatelli Deli is already very involved with the Greer community. The Mazzatelli brothers, Rob and Anthony opened their restaurant at the beginning of the summer on June 6. The deli is different from most. Their business is tucked away in a tiny department store called “Chelsea’s Ladies Apparel” at 24 Trade Street, Downtown Greer Historic District. I walked straight to the back of the store to find the deli and they immediately welcomed me, showing me everything from their daily specials and what they recommend me to try. Which was the All American Sub, that being what I ordered. They showed great service, they were very friendly, and got my food to me fresh and in no time. While I waited for my food, they talked to me about how they plan to make their deli “Bigger and well known throughout the town.” They also plan to add more to their menus like soups and salads. They cater to parties and even have their own party room for birthdays or to host planned events. They said “We just want to see where things go because opening a restaurant together has always been a dream of ours to do together.” The two like to get to know their customers and make sure that you are well served. I look forward to my next trip to the Mazzatelli Deli!