Top 5 Places to Travel in the United States


Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

I have lived in 6 different states, and I have visited  half of the states in the USA! There are many places that I would recommended for you to travel to.

5.) Hollywood- Hollywood is not the cleanest/safest place, so I wouldn’t recommend you to visit this over any other place, but it definitely awesome to be able to say that you have visited there.

4.) The Badlands- The Badlands are so unbelievably beautiful. We visited there multiple times, because we lived so close, and I highly recommend you visit here.

3.) Mount Rushmore- This is an amazing place to go, if you like to visit more historical places.

2.) Nashville, TN- If you really enjoy country music and partying, this is where you should go! I used to live here, so I could tell you the top places to go.

1.) San Francisco/L.A.- California was by far my favorite place we lived. It is artsy, the people are so nice, and everything about California is like a dream.

If you are thinking about spontaneously traveling somewhere, you should consider one of these places!