A Lot of Beauty in an “Ipsy”- Bitsy Box

Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

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Everyone is searching for beauty remedies. While on your quest, do you pay full price and then find out you have wasted your money? You can do better! Ipsy can help.

First you have to take an online quiz. Don’t worry. You can’t fail. The quiz is all about you! You pick your favorite brands and what you would like to recieve. This allows them to personalize your glam bag.

Most of the beauty products are cruelty free and vegan friendly. None of the products are shy about their ingredients. They range from nail polishes, body scrubs, and so much more.

You can sign now up for only ten dollars a month free shipping. The cost of an average bottle of mascara! With Ipsy you get five quality products to feed your beauty needs.

Even the packaging is adorable. Fall in love with lipstick or find out you hate eyeliner without wasting all of your money.