Staff Spotlight: Rollins Returns to her Stomping Grounds

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Ms. Rollins is one of our many new teachers this year at Greer High. She’s an English teacher and went to the University of South Carolina Upstate. She didn’t go into college wanting to be a teacher but it only took her a short time before she knew she loved teaching. Rollins was hired at the university to tutor her peers and she really enjoyed helping others with the materials and introducing new concepts to them.

Rollins had attended some of the Clemson football games with her friends even though she isn’t a big fan of sports. She also wants to travel to Greece one day and experience their culture personally and travel to come of the top rated beaches in the world.

When asked what do you enjoy most about Greer, Rollins said, “As a Greer High alumni, I enjoy being a part of the close-knit community. In Greer, you can never walk into a restaurant without knowing at least two people. I think that our small town makes our school and community seem like a family.”