The New Way to Contour

Whitney Campbell, Staff writter

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Draphing is back! How are you going to contribute? “Draphing” is contouring your face only using blush. Tarte has realesed a twelve hour blush.

There are thirteen different colors in this line of blush. They are pink and neutral tone colors to cater a wide variety of skin tones. Tarte blush is made for multiple skin types. It hydrates your skin while minimising pores. The blush is dermatologist tested.

This product is made from Amazonian clay and baked naturally in the sun. The product itself does have a design etched into it (as seen in the picture). It feels very soft on the skin and it has good pigmentation. The product smells clean and earthy. The product is long lasting in comparison to other blushes but it doesn’t fulfil its twelve hour wear time.

You can buy online through Amazon Sephora or Tarte. The blush costs around twenty nine dollars which is a bit much for a how much product is recived. The blush is made in china. They also have a matching highlighter made from the Amazonian clay on the Tarte website.