Cheer for Greer

Whitney Campbell, Staff Writer

GREER- The cheerleaders have evolved from dancing to stunting. Stunts like thigh stands and preps haven’t been put into practice since the early 1970s.

Greer High School alumni Anna Brown is the new cheer coach. She cheered for Greer all of her four years.This year the 2018-19 cheer captain is, senior, Kamille Bush along with co-captain, senior, Tory Abercrombie. The biggest goal for Anna Brown is to, ¨make the girls stronger and better than they have ever been.¨

There are both twelve girls on the Varsity and twelve on the JV team. Both teams started meeting in the mornings at 6:30AM in the weight room on top of their scheduled practices.

This summer the cheerleaders got the privilege of going to a four day cheer camp at Clemson University where they learned stunts and dances. The team consists on a flyer two bases a back spot and a spotter.

You may have noticed footballs on the cheerleaders uniforms. The footballs are a visual representation of which cheerleader sponsors which player. All the senior footballs player have a sponsor.

This Friday at the pep rally they will be performing a Hom Pom. A fundraiser is being held Thursday night at Pizza Inn from 6-9 to support them. Next year the cheerleaders plan to organize a competition team.