“The Post”: Newsworthy or Hollywood Bust?


Whitney Campbell, Freelance Contributor

The New York Post discovers a decades old scandal  centered around the Vietnam war. The pressure is on with the heavy question of whether or not to go public with the news.  This is driving central plot in the new movie, “The Post.”

The characters have two choices. They can publish and let the people hear the truth. If they choose to do so they could possibly all go to prison. Their other option is to cover the scandal up and deny their freedom of the press.

This movie also celebrates women empowerment. Meryl Streep plays Katharine Graham, a woman who eventually overcomes her female stereotype and takes full control of the New York Post. During the course of the movie she has men whispering in her ear before all her decisions, but for the biggest decision of all to publish or not she makes herself.

If you have seen the movie “Watergate Scandal” there is an ‘Easter egg’ at the end of ¨The Post¨ that ties both stories together.

¨The Post¨ is a thrilling movie everyone should see. The phones are bugged. The Supreme court is looking to silence them. Government agencies are broken into and Tom Hanks still looks great.