The Controversy Between the North and the South


Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

People from the North and the South are actually pretty different. I’m from the North so I talk a lot differently than anyone down here. Up until the last 3 years, I only lived in the North and couldn’t understand why people would say “Y’all”.

One major difference between us is the “snow day” issues. Where I’m from, we were eligible to still attend school with 2 feet of snow, but here, a school will get canceled with even a slight chance of snow. The only time that my school was ever closed due to weather was from the extreme cold because it was -50 degrees and nobody was even allowed outside. Other than that, the South is way more lenient with snow days, opposed to the North.

The North also has way different food options. In the north, we like to eat pizza, bagels, and subs. However, in the south, they eat a lot of beans, chicken and waffles, and biscuits. The food options were way different up there, and quite frankly, I miss it.  I talk a lot differently than southerners because I’m a “Yankee.” I pronounce words with a long vowel sound, and southern people, say vowels more relaxed. There are so many differences between people from the north and from the south, but overall, we all enjoy things like summer nights, pizza, and movies.