Teacher of the Year: Rick Schwartz

Teacher of the Year: Rick Schwartz

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Rick Schwartz is 2017 teacher of the year at Greer High School! Schwartz is the Technology and Intro to Manufacturing teacher.

When asked, “How do you feel about becoming Greer High’s Teacher of the Year?” Schwartz answered “Yes . . . very surprised. I was actually surprised to see my name show up on the nomination list a few days before hand. To actually be elected as teacher of the year a few days later was very touching to me. I feel very honored to be recognized by this wonderful faculty. What makes it even more special is knowing that we have an abundance of experienced and exceptional teachers here at Greer High School who all deserve to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. I truly appreciate the faculty electing me to represent them as their teacher of the year.”

Then when asked, “What do you need to do as being teacher of the year?” he said, “Being elected teacher of the year is an incredible honor. It automatically places you in the nomination list to enter the Greenville County Teacher of the Year election which is announced each August. Each school in the county nominates a teacher of the year. During the spring semester I, along with all the other school’s teacher’s of the year, will go through an application and interview process. Each teacher will also write and submit a paper describing aspects of their teaching. During the summer, the committee reviews all the teacher’s information and narrows the field down to 10 teachers. Those ten teachers will continue to go through the process and the committee then selects one of them to be Greenville County Schools Teacher of the Year.”

Schwartz also said, “I feel I have three distinct roles as a “Manufacturing” teacher here at Greer High School. First, to find fun and creative ways to teach my curriculum and give students beneficial and relevant hands-on experiences. Second, to help my students become more aware of and begin to focus their career choices and recognize their true potential. Third, help bridge the gap between students and local industry by providing opportunities for students (field trips, expos, guest speakers, etc)”

Schwartz believes that even though he was nominated Teacher of the Year, he feels that Greer High helps him grow as a teacher. He said, “I leave here each day very thankful for the opportunities Greer High School provides me. I teach wonderful kids. I enjoy speaking to kids about all the local opportunities they have in Manufacturing. And I truly enjoy the faculty I work with. Any success which I have experienced with the Manufacturing program is largely due to the overwhelming support I have received from the administration, guidance, the community and faculty.”

Thank you for all you do Mr. Schwartz and congratulations!