Stranger Things 3 Predictions *SPOILERS*

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Stranger Things 3 Predictions *SPOILERS*

Thomas Hicks, Staff Writer

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Could “Stranger Things” get any better? With season 2 down,  the creators of “Stranger Things” have confirmed there will be a Stranger Things 3 *claps* and fans have some predictions on what will happen.

Will Joyce and Hopper’s romance go deeper?

These are one of my predictions because I ship “Jopper” so much. As you’ve seen in season 2, Joyce and Hopper had some sparks fly in there past while there were in high school and they still had wild sparks for each other now. However, Joyce was with Bob at the time, until he became demo-dog food. Bob’s death allows Hopper and Joyce to get closer because she will need a shoulder to cry on. Just think about it, they both went to the same high school, they worked together to find Will all season 1, and towards the end of episode 9 of season 2 they started reminiscing on the past. I see a lot of chemistry between them and maybe they will become a thing in the future.

They’re basically in the game “Dungeons and Dragons.”

In season 1 and 2 they have made comparisons to the Upside Down and all the creatures roaming there to the game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Some prime examples include, in season 2, the Upside Down villian and D&D’s “Mind Flayer.” The facial features of the dungeon and dragons’ villain looks eerily similar to the Stranger Things version and they both have the same powers. According to Dungeons & Dragons‘ Monster Manual, the bestiary containing all of the game’s creatures, Mind Flayers are “psionic tyrants from another dimension that harvest entire races for their own twisted ends” and live in an evil, subterranean cave network known as the Underdark. Using mind control and psionic powers, mind flayers operate as a hive mind, reporting in to an elder brain who gives them commands.”  Hopefully we will learn more about how it effects or helps them.

There will be a major time jump

The final fan theory is that in season 2 the middle school gang will experience a time jump. In season 2  it was only a year since Mike had seen Eleven. I predict they will be freshmen at high school and Nancy, Johnathan, and Steve will be in college.