Dress Code: Its Positives and Negatives

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Is dress code really fixing any of the issues at our school or is it just making things worse by creating tension between the students and administration? Dress code has helped in many ways but has also made things worse. I personally feel like the policy we have at school is unfair and should be adjusted for the better.  

Dress code can be strict at times and it’s mainly aiming toward females. Most of the female students and some of the male students don’t agree with the dress code policy. They complain and make points about how if we buy our own clothes then we should be able to wear them. I hear it all the time and, to an extent, I agree with most of them.

The policy for shirts at the school is that they have to have straps at least school ID width and you can’t show much cleavage or any stomach. I agree with not being able to show too much but what’s so wrong with small straps? As long as you are covered up and at least have a strap, I think we should be able to wear it. There is nothing wrong with showing our shoulders or arms.

One of the policies for pants is no holes above the knees. I don’t agree with this at all. If the hole isn’t too high or showing anything inappropriate, then I think the school should be okay with us wearing these types of pants. I don’t personally wear pants with holes above the knees but a lot of my friends do and I can see how irritated they are.

Another policy for shorts and pants is that they have to be at least ID length above the knee. I understand our shorts don’t need to be too short but it’s hard to find shorts now-a-days that are that length and still look decent. Plus, leggings used to be banned at the beginning of the school year but since then they are now more accepted

I know what the school is trying to accomplish. They want our school to look nice and appropriate, but they don’t need to be unfair in the process. High school boys and girls can be inappropriate at times and the school is trying to eliminate that as much as possible by making these dress code policies. While trying to make everything better, in a way they are causing some complications with the students.

I think that dress code is a great idea as long as it’s fair and not as strict. All students should be able to wear what they want as long as it’s appropriate. Sometimes the clothes they wear is all they have and they shouldn’t be pulled out of class for the clothes they wear or told to go change. It takes away from our education time and doesn’t let us express our personalities. I love that the school is doing their best but I’m hoping they can fix a few of the issues the students are having with the policies.