Homecoming at Greer!


Myriah Keyser

Senior Banner

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

It’s Homecoming week at Greer High!

At the end of the week on Saturday 7th, there will be a Homecoming Dance, Sadie Hawkins style, from 7:30 to 10:30. When arriving at the dance, you must have your school ID and your date must be a student from Greer High school. Tickets for the dance are $10 and will be sold in the lunch room all week.

Each grade level made hats and banners to be shown at the pep rally on Friday. The hat models are Freshman Cory Perron, Sophomore Erik Garret, Junior Oscar Moreno, and Senior Jesse Sudduth. The due date on making the hats is Wednesday and the banner is due this Thursday.

The Homecoming pep rally will be held at 3:10 on Friday; there will be 4 relays Eagle Nest, Shake your Tail Feather, Crush the Eagle, and Hungry birds.

There will be a Homecoming Parade in Downtown Greer at 3:45 on Thursday.

All proceeds will be put towards Greer Relief and Spirit Week.