The Fear Behind Riverdale *SPOILERS*


Thomas Hicks, Staff Writer

The season premiere of Riverdale is October 11th and Riverdale fans are shook to the core and are ready for season two. But, before we embark on a new chapter and journey we have to discuss the conspiracy theories of season one and how it may affect season two.

Cheryl and her brother were having a secret affair? Conspiracy one.

This conspiracy started to show when we saw how deep Cheryl and Jason’s relationship was. The hand holding, the way she gets sad and upset when people mention his name, and the way she despises Polly, Jason’s girlfriend, all show that their relationship is way deeper than that of normal siblings. One incident that happened that later confirmed she loved her brother was when she was cheering at the football game and she imagined that Archie was her brother running on to the field. A point that further strengthens this theory  is that the Blossom family weren’t strangers to incest, they did that to keep bloodlines clean. So, it would be only natural if Jason and Cheryl were actually a couple.


Hiram Lodge was behind the shooting of Archie’s dad and all the major conflicts in Riverdale? Conspiracy two.

This is one I believe with a burning passion. Archie’s dad, Fred, was having a not so secret affair with Hermione Lodge. With that, he has a lot of people working with him even though he is in prison. With Hiram still married to Hermione, he would obviously want him dead. Plus, Hermione made a deal for the construction business with Fred but sadly he refused. That connects with the secret shooter who was aiming at Fred not seeing Archie in sight.

Joaquin Desantos is Betty’s secret brother? Conspiracy theory three.

This is kind of far fetched to me but the information to back it looks somewhat shocking. Alice Cooper revealed to Betty that she has a long lost brother towards the end of the series and viewers were shocked. Alice has mentioned her and FP Jones were kind of a thing, meaning they could have had this baby together and the dad heavily putting it in Alice’s head to abort because he knows it’s not his baby. And Joaquin, FP, and Jug Head do look the same with the intense black hair and facial features. This can go down to FP moving his family out of Riverdale because he knew that they were having an affair and wanted to keep it a secret. If this is true this will wreck the iconic romance “Bughead” because they will have a shared sibling.