Greer High Lends a Hand


Anna Allen, Staff Writer

GREER– Recently in Puerto Rico, two Hurricanes have swept through people’s homes.

Ms. Muba, a teacher at Greer High School, has family members that are currently living in Puerto Rico. Her Grandmother, Aunt, and cousins will most likely be without power for 2-4 months.

Greer High School is coming together to help Ms. Muba collect some items for her family. Items such as small toiletries, batteries, canned food, and anything with light such as flashlights and candles would be very appreciated. Since they are going to be transferred to Puerto Rico, the items need to be able to fit into boxes.

Ms. Muba is touched by how thoughtful the school is being. “It means so much to me,” said Muba.

She also wants to give a special thanks to Mrs. Farrington. Ms. Muba went to her to discuss her family and their struggles in Puerto Rico, “She’s the one that made it happen.”

All items brought in will be collected in the main office.