Jackets Dominate Field Against Woodruff

Myriah Keyser, Staff Writer

Greer High School went up against Woodruff High School this past Friday, September 15th. It was a close game with a score of 56-0. It was a dominating performance by our Yellow Jackets that takes our record to 3-1 this the year.

Emily Jordan, a cheerleader, was asked how she thought the team had improved. She said, “The first game they whooped some tail, the second game they lost bad. We’ve done really good since then, so I think they’ve gotten serious about not losing so they’ve been working harder and have done very well.”

Coach Jackson was asked if he thought the hard work in practice has visibly been shown in the games. He replied, “Day to day, it continues to get better and it tremendously improves these guys’ game. The team work is what we continue to progress in. We come in as one and everybody’s been on the same page, so when Friday comes, games over and that’s that. We go through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, come Friday end result is what we have been doing throughout the course of the week. Nothing changed each week we continue to progress and get to our goal.”

This week is a bye week so there will not be a football game this Friday September, 22.