X is Back


Emily Robertson , Staff Writer

XXXTentacion, or X, is a popular music artist that makes rap, hip hop, and lofi. Some may also categorize his music as ‘screamo.’

X has been making music since 2014. He got into some trouble and was in jail for a little bit but he is out now and continues making music. X has some explicit content in his music, some may find rude or disturbing.  Most of X’s songs are inspired by memories or events that have occurred in his past.

A lot of X’s songs feature other artists or X is featured in their music. For example, X partners with Ski Mask the Slump God and has just recently had Trippie Redd in one of his songs.  

X’s first official album came out around the 25th of August and includes eleven new songs. His new songs are “Explanation,” “Jocelyn Flores,” “Depression & Obsession,” along with many others.

While known for his song “Look at Me,” because of X’s new album, he is becoming a more well known music artist.