Should You Commit to “Grey’s Anatomy”?


Emily Robertson , Staff Writer

Grey’s Anatomy is a TV drama which was first aired on March 27, 2005. There are 13 seasons in this popular Netflix series.

Grey’s Anatomy is about a doctor named Meredith Grey that starts as an intern at Seattle Grace hospital. She meets a doctor and starts to fall in love, but she finds out some secrets about him that makes her rethink her decision about being with him. There are a lot of joy and happy moments in the episodes, but there are also some episodes that make you want to cry your eyes out.

This series is a show about doctors, so there are some near death and bloody scenes as well. There are operations on loved ones and well known characters.

FYI: you will indeed get attached to at least one character and cry miserably when they die, or when someone gets cancer, when people break up and get back together like 50 times, or even when someone stops their own wedding and leaves the hospital and the person they were supposed to marry.