Wish App Available Just in Time for Holiday Season

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

GREER — Christmas is coming up and it’s coming up fast.

It is hard to buy teenage and adult women’s items for reasonable prices. The Wish App helps a lot with simple shopping for friends and family year around.

Anyone can download this app on any mobile device or log in online. The app is free too!

When logging on to the Wish App, there is an option to connect to Facebook or email. This is an efficient way to log into Wish in the future just in case a password is forgotten.

When officially logged in, the app will offer a free gift with a minimum shipping of $1.

This app is mainly for females but there are some infant clothes for boys and girls.

A few of the many items on Wish that are available for purchase would include: make up, gadgets, wallets, bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, cameras, phone cases, containers, utensils, and home décor.

Wish might send notifications if there is available that is on sale. Much like many other online shopping apps, shoppers can keep items in their shopping carts until paid for.

With the Wish App, shopping is made fun!