Waters Announces His Retirement as Principal from Greer High School


Carey Klinge & Amy Yarborough

Greer High School Marion Waters poses for a picture with Greer High School Assistant Principal Terry Bennett. Waters, who has been the principal at Greer High School for 22 years, announced his retirement on Wednesday.

Amy Yarborough & Carey Klinge, Co Editors-In-Chief

GREER — A high school principal is responsible for many things. They are the head of the school and are held accountable for the school’s schedule, financial aspects, and equipment allocations. This is all done in partnership with the school’s faculty and staff. Greer High School Principal Marion Waters has gone above and beyond the normal call of duty as the Principal at Greer High School for the past 22 years.

Waters officially announced Wednesday that he will be retiring when the 2015-2016 school year comes to a close. Waters said, “I thought 45 years was a full, satisfying career. I will be 67 in June of this year.”

Waters came to Greer High School in 1974, where he started work as a History Teacher. During his time as a teacher at the school, Waters was responsible for starting Greer’s AP US History Program. Along with his teaching duties, Waters coached football, basketball, track & field, and baseball. In 1984, Waters held the position of Assistant Principal, before moving in 1986 to become the head of Greer Middle School. In 1994, Waters returned to Greer High School as the new Principal.

Waters told the Greer Hive Times Staff, that Greer High School is at good point right now. “We are growing. We have a fantastic Manufacturing Program, run by Mr. (Rick) Schwartz, a green house going up, and brand new Health Science Program. Every indicator at GHS shows that it is a positive time here at Greer High School; you always want to leave the school better than you found it.”

Waters’ outlook on the situation is “All In” as is said by Clemson Football Coach Dabo Swinney.

Waters said that he would miss the association with the people and staff. Waters quoted Greer High School Legend Phil Clark, “I never had a bad day at Greer High School, but some days were simply better than others.”

Waters told staff that to kick off retirement he is going to, “Unplug the clock that has awakened him every morning at 5:30 am for the past 45 years.” He wants to drive to Lake Murray, sit on a dock with fishing poles, hook a worm, watch the water roll, and reflect on a life well lived. On top of that, Waters hopes to garden, hunt, and travel. He would like to slow down, stop to smell the roses, and enjoy the final chapters of his life.

“It’s been a pleasure and honor to serve. The good thing is that there is much to look forward to. I’m ready to see what life has left for me, my wife, and my daughter and grandchildren. It’s exciting.”

Waters said, “45 years; my blood runs black and gold.”

Once a Jacket, always a Jacket.