Cheerleaders Show Awareness by Wearing Pink


Jonathan D. Duty

The Greer High School Varsity Cheerleading Squad shows its support for Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October. The cheerleaders wore pink bows and used pink pom-poms.

Alexis Eccles, Staff Writer

GREER – The month of October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Greer High School Cheerleaders kept that in mind during the Yellow Jackets’ football games.

The cheerleaders performed with pink bows and pink pom-poms.  They were also in charge of creating the football team’s banner, in which they incorporated the pink breast-cancer awareness ribbon.

The cheerleaders felt it was important to show their leadership towards this cause.

“Every year, we support Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing our pink bows and cheering with our pink pom-poms,” said Junior Cheerleader Emma Cornell. “We do this because it raises awareness, and because so many people are affected by cancer and we want to support them in their fight against it.”