Staff Spotlight: Malik Returns to Greer High School to Help Students


Alexis Eccles

1999 Greer High School Graduate Kristin Malik returns to her Alma Mater to work as the school’s therapist.

Alexis Eccles & Carey Klinge, Staff Writers

GREER — With the beginning of a new school year, Greer High School will offer a new program for its students, faculty and community.

Kristin Malik, a 1999 Greer High School alumnus, will serve as Greer High School’s therapist. Malik, who is employed with Greer Mental Health, will spend most full weeks at Greer High School; however, some weeks she will spend a few days with Greer Mental Health.

Malik is happy to be at Greer High School. “I’m a therapist that talks to kids and young people about different things that they’re going through,” Malik said. “The guidance counselors do a lot of that, but when it’s more intense and maybe a student needs more support than the guidance counselors can offer, that’s where I come in.”

Students that are experiencing problems at home or at school can choose to see Malik. “It can be a range of things,” Malik said.  “I’m familiar with family conflict, communication problems, abandonment issues, trauma, depression, and anxiety.”

Malik attended the University of South Carolina and earned a degree in Political Science and Social Work. She then later earned her Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Columbia International University.

Malik has been working as a therapist since 2010. While doing humanitarian work in Azerbaijan, Malik found her enjoyment for helping others. “I decided to become a therapist because a lot of people like to talk to me about their problems, and I felt honored,” Malik said. “I thought I should learn what to say to people. So I went to school to get my masters in clinical counseling, and while I was there I realized it was what I was made to do. I love it.”

Malik has a wonderful outlook on life. “Everybody has problems, but nobody is the problem,” Malik said.

Malik’s role at Greer High School is help students when more support is needed that can not be provided by the school’s counseling office. If a student needs to see Malik, they will need to contact their school counselor for a referral. The counselor will then refer the student to Malik, in which she will then contact the student’s parents/guardians within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

Even though Malik is on campus, these are paid services which are generally covered by most insurance. For more information, please see the Greer High School counselor’s office.

Greer High School joins a long list of high schools in Greenville County that have an on-campus therapist.